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Florida's route to another Championship!

Posted on: March 16, 2011 12:18 pm
Ah yes it is that time again.  Time to see how much we know about picking games and to cry when that major upset happens lol.  I hope my brackets stay accurate this time around.  Of course all mine have Florida finishing on top so if Florida does get upset somewhere then my bracket will take a hit but I am in high hopes that it won't happen that way.  This blog will go over Florida's bracket and what potential games we might face and how we might fare against them.

Second Round

Florida vs UC Santa Barbara (Thursday, March 17th @ 6:50pm)

This should be an easy win for Florida.  Even though we have some glaring issues that need to be corrected, I believe that we will be able to hold our own in this matchup.  UC Santa Barbara has two main threats to look out for.  Orlando Johnson averages just over 21 points a game and a little over 6 rebounds a game.  He is a 40% shooter from down town so we have to make sure not to give him any open looks.  The second threat to watch for is James Nunnally who averages just over 16 points a game and 5.7 rebounds a game.  As long as we keep these two under control and off the glass we should be able to get past this team with no trouble.  Prediction = Florida 76 UC Santa Barbara 59

Third Round

Florida vs UCLA

UCLA could give us fits because they spread the ball equally like we do.  They don't have a single high scorer but instead they have 4 guys over 10 points a game.  Thankfully they don't have any sharpshooters that shoot it well from behind the 3 point line.  So if they do get an open look there is a decent chance they will miss it.  Reeves Nelson can get a double double if you let him run wild around the paint.  And they have a good point guard in Lazeric Jones.  Jones has a good assist to turnover ratio.  Prediction = Florida 69 UCLA 61

Sweet 16

Florida vs BYU

Well BYU is all about one person and by now I'm sure we know who he is.  Jimmer Fredette is averaging over 28 points a game and had that record setting scoring night during the conference tournament where he scored over 50.  He is a machine.  However if we can figure out a way to contain him, BYU can be beat.  I have a feeling the scoring will need to be high this game in order to win.  I feel this is going to be a huge challenge for us but it is one we can live up to.  Prediction = Florida 81 BYU 73

Elite 8

Florida vs Pittsburgh

Well just seeing that Pitt is the #1 seed should tell you something about the talent they have.  Pitt has three players over 10 points a game with Ashton Gibbs leading with 16.72 and almost 48% from 3 point range.  If we leave him open it is almost a guaranteed make.  He is our number one priority in shutting down those open looks.  Pitt has an excellent defense that gives up barely 60 points a game.  So we will have to bring our A game to shut down their scoring load.   Prediction = Florida 67 Pittsburgh 64

Final Four

Florida vs Georgetown

I know it's a stretch picking Georgetown to get to the Final Four but I did.  They have Austin Freeman who is a very good shooter averaging over 17 points a game at 48% shooting.  He will be the primary threat to deal with.  Another threat from deep is Hollis Thompson who shoots 44% from 3 point land.  If we can make our 3 pointers and keep their offensive rebounds to a minimum then we should be able to move on to the Title game.  Predicition = Florida 74 Georgetown 69


Florida vs Texas

Texas will have to go through Duke and San Diago St. in order to come play us so that will tell us that they are capable of beating anyone.  We already saw them beat Kansas at their home court.  So this will be a challenging game.  They not only have 4 players over 10 points a game which spread the floor and makes you cover everyone they also have a key guy in Jordan Hamilton who averages 18.65 points a game and 7.65 rebounds a game.  Thankfully they don't shoot the 3 ball very well so we won't have to worry about watching for open shooters as much.  They do have a strong defense though so don't expect to put up 75 points or more on them.  Prediction = Florida 73 Texas 68

And these is how I see Florida getting to the Championship and winning another crown.  However it turns out I am sure there will be some fun games to watch and hopefully not too many blowouts unless it's your team on the winning side of it lol.

Have fun everyone

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