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Florida's route to another Championship!

Ah yes it is that time again.  Time to see how much we know about picking games and to cry when that major upset happens lol.  I hope my brackets stay accurate this time around.  Of course all mine have Florida finishing on top so if Florida does get upset somewhere then my bracket will take a hit but I am in high hopes that it won't happen that way.  This blog will go over Florida's bracket and what potential games we might face and how we might fare against them.

Second Round

Florida vs UC Santa Barbara (Thursday, March 17th @ 6:50pm)

This should be an easy win for Florida.  Even though we have some glaring issues that need to be corrected, I believe that we will be able to hold our own in this matchup.  UC Santa Barbara has two main threats to look out for.  Orlando Johnson averages just over 21 points a game and a little over 6 rebounds a game.  He is a 40% shooter from down town so we have to make sure not to give him any open looks.  The second threat to watch for is James Nunnally who averages just over 16 points a game and 5.7 rebounds a game.  As long as we keep these two under control and off the glass we should be able to get past this team with no trouble.  Prediction = Florida 76 UC Santa Barbara 59

Third Round

Florida vs UCLA

UCLA could give us fits because they spread the ball equally like we do.  They don't have a single high scorer but instead they have 4 guys over 10 points a game.  Thankfully they don't have any sharpshooters that shoot it well from behind the 3 point line.  So if they do get an open look there is a decent chance they will miss it.  Reeves Nelson can get a double double if you let him run wild around the paint.  And they have a good point guard in Lazeric Jones.  Jones has a good assist to turnover ratio.  Prediction = Florida 69 UCLA 61

Sweet 16

Florida vs BYU

Well BYU is all about one person and by now I'm sure we know who he is.  Jimmer Fredette is averaging over 28 points a game and had that record setting scoring night during the conference tournament where he scored over 50.  He is a machine.  However if we can figure out a way to contain him, BYU can be beat.  I have a feeling the scoring will need to be high this game in order to win.  I feel this is going to be a huge challenge for us but it is one we can live up to.  Prediction = Florida 81 BYU 73

Elite 8

Florida vs Pittsburgh

Well just seeing that Pitt is the #1 seed should tell you something about the talent they have.  Pitt has three players over 10 points a game with Ashton Gibbs leading with 16.72 and almost 48% from 3 point range.  If we leave him open it is almost a guaranteed make.  He is our number one priority in shutting down those open looks.  Pitt has an excellent defense that gives up barely 60 points a game.  So we will have to bring our A game to shut down their scoring load.   Prediction = Florida 67 Pittsburgh 64

Final Four

Florida vs Georgetown

I know it's a stretch picking Georgetown to get to the Final Four but I did.  They have Austin Freeman who is a very good shooter averaging over 17 points a game at 48% shooting.  He will be the primary threat to deal with.  Another threat from deep is Hollis Thompson who shoots 44% from 3 point land.  If we can make our 3 pointers and keep their offensive rebounds to a minimum then we should be able to move on to the Title game.  Predicition = Florida 74 Georgetown 69


Florida vs Texas

Texas will have to go through Duke and San Diago St. in order to come play us so that will tell us that they are capable of beating anyone.  We already saw them beat Kansas at their home court.  So this will be a challenging game.  They not only have 4 players over 10 points a game which spread the floor and makes you cover everyone they also have a key guy in Jordan Hamilton who averages 18.65 points a game and 7.65 rebounds a game.  Thankfully they don't shoot the 3 ball very well so we won't have to worry about watching for open shooters as much.  They do have a strong defense though so don't expect to put up 75 points or more on them.  Prediction = Florida 73 Texas 68

And these is how I see Florida getting to the Championship and winning another crown.  However it turns out I am sure there will be some fun games to watch and hopefully not too many blowouts unless it's your team on the winning side of it lol.

Have fun everyone

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Florida 85 - Tennessee 74 = Semifinals!

Well this was a game of ups and downs.  We came out firing on all cylinders then faded going into halftime but the second half we shot over 80% from the field and pulled away for good.  Tennessee played us hard they deserve credit for that but overall we were just the more powerful and skillful team.  I was very impressed with our free throw shooting down the stretch.  We actually made them when it counted and finished with (25-37) 67%.

We had all 5 starters in double figures with Boynton leading the way with 22 points and 4 assists.  Chandler Parsons was a beast as usual with 12 points 7 rebounds and 4 rebounds.  He did have 4 fouls but with the way the refs were calling fouls toward the end of the game, everyone was picking up multiple fouls.  Overall though it was a very solid game for the entire team.  We even had Patric Young pulling down 5 rebounds too. 

The main area where we could use some assistance is our steals and turnovers.  In this game we gave up 12 steals and we had 15 turnovers overall.  This is way too much to give up if we plan on continuing to win down the stretch against some more solid teams.  We also let Tennessee get the advantage in Offensive Rebounds.  They pulled down 12 to our measly 5.  Once again that will need to be fixed if we plan on progressing.  This will have to be a team fix not just Macklin.  Everyone needs to be more active on the missed shots.

Well next up is either Mississippi St. or Vanderbilt.  Personally I don't want to play Vanderbilt but in the same sense in order to increase our quality wins if we get another one over Vandy that will greatly impress the people picking Tournament seeds.  Because with the #11 and #9 team losing today, if we keep winning we have a great chance to move up in the polls and if we beat Vanderbilt (considering they win tonight) and then beat Kentucky (considering they beat Alabama) in the Championship that might boost us to the #2 seeding which would rock.  But that is still to be determined, there is no need to look to the future when we still have early games to play.

Time to rest up before tomorrow and see who we play.  Good luck and play hard Gators!  See you guys tomorrow.

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2011 SEC Tournament Bracket + More

Lets begin with the full schedule for the tournament

Thursday - March 10th

Auburn/Georgia @ 1:00pm
South Carolina/Ole Miss @ 3:30pm
Tennessee/Arkansas @ 7:30pm
LSU/Vanderbilt @ 10:00pm

Friday - March 11th

Winner of Auburn/Georgia plays Alabama @ 1:00pm
Winner of South Carolina/Ole Miss plays Kentucky @3:30pm
Winner of Tennessee/Arkansas plays Florida @ 7:30pm
Winner of LSU/Vanderbilt plays Mississippi St. @ 10:00pm

Saturday - March 12th

Semifinal #1 @ 1:00pm on ABC
Semifinal #2 @ 3:30pm on ABC

Sunday - March 13th

Championship @ 1:00pm on ABC

Well all the SEC teams play each other tough so you can't really say one team has an easier path over another.  Florida had some easy games and some tough games against both Tennessee and Arkansas so I don't know when team I would rather play for our first game.  But either way if we get through that first match then I will say we will probably have to play Vanderbilit for our second game just because of how tough they are I don't see them stumbling in the first round.  Then look for Kentucky to run the table and setup the championship match with Florida.  That should be a sweet game as it usually is.

If we defeat Kentucky (or whoever is able to get past Kentucky to meet us) then I believe we might be able to get up into the low top 10 rankings (8-9) due to some upsets in other tournaments.  If that happens then we might be able to get a #2 seed which would be cool.

I am looking forward to Selection Sunday (this sunday).  I will then be able to tell if we have an easy path to the Final Four or a tough one.  Personally I would love to have the Ohio St. bracket just so we can get the chance to get revenge over the early season loss.  That is if they make it far without getting upset.

I feel that we need several things to happen if we are to progress far into the tournament.  We need to make our free throws because we won't have many blowouts.  The teams we are going to play are going to be tough and they will be close games.  We will also need to make our 3's.  If we can't hit our open shots then we will have a tough time advancing.  Next is we need to get Macklin involved early and often.  The teams we will be playing will have decent to good to great big men.  Macklin will need to put pressure on them and make shots along with getting rebounds.  I also believe that if Boynton gets hot and stays consistant we will have a great chance of getting far.  I know Parsons will bring his A game because he desperately wants to finish his senior year on top with two championships.

Overall I can't wait to watch Florida play and I hope they bring the passion that they have over the last part of the season.  Good luck Gators.  You can do it!


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Florida 86 - Vanderbilt 76 = See you in Atlanta

What a victory!  We played very good, only a few sloppy moments but overall we were solid in every category.  We almost had 6 players in double figures in scoring.  Walker was key in today's victory because of his 6 assists to only 1 turnover.  Not to mention he also had 16 points to go with 16 from Boynton.  Wow it was really fun to watch us get this win on the road to finish off a great season.  Sorry Alabama but with this win we will hold on to the overall #1 SEC Regular season title heading into the SEC Tournament.

Now time to rest for a little bit till March 10th gets here, then the fun really starts.  Thankfully we will have a 1st round bye, which will give us a chance to observe our competition.  This should give us an edge.   Now as far as NCAA Tournament seeding goes, if we win the SEC Tournament and get some help with early losses of the teams ahead of us (like we did from the #11 team today) then we should move to the 8-9 ranking in the polls and secure a #3 seed.  If we get bounced early in the SEC Tourny then we are looking at a #4 seed.  Either way we should be in good position to move deep into the Tournament and prove just how dangerous of a team we can and hopefully will be.

I will lead this blog entry nice and short today in order to get ready for the SEC Tournament games.  Then there will be some more detailed information regarding that.

Once the schedule is released I will post a blog entry about just that to prepare everyone for the tournament.

Alright, take care everyone and have a great day.

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Tebow's success isn't based on Faith alone...

Yes I said it...

I expect a strong outcry against this post but so be it.

Look as it might have been seen based on his outward expression of love for Jesus Christ, his success on the field (which includes his younger years all the way up to what he does in the NFL) is not based just on his spiritual focus but has also been implimented through other means.

I am a very strong fan of Tim Tebow since he has entered the Florida Gator scene.  I have loved his passion for the game of football as well as his love for our God.  He is a special person.

I find it quite interesting how many Christians think that what Tebow is doing on the football field is 100% directly related to his relationship with Jesus and involves nothing else.  That God gave him the formula of success in everything he does.  While this is correct in some ways the one area that needs to be addressed in the %.  I would say his love for Christ and his relationship with him equals 50% of the formula.

While most Christians including myself believe that you can't go wrong by having a relationship with Jesus and it definetly won't hurt you in whatever actions you do there is that additional 50% we have to account for.  Where does that other 50% come from?  Well lets see...

I will use Tebow as an example since he is the topic of conversation for this post.  Tebow is a NFL player.  Lets rewind to his younger years to see how he got to the NFL level.  In order to achieve your goal you must do one thing: Prepare

Now Prepare can come in many forms, however it still comes down to that one word.  You must prepare if you want to achieve your ultimate goal and in this case for Tebow is to succeed in the NFL.  He hasn't been able to succeed without preparing first.  Success doesn't get handed to you on a silver platter.  He has spent years preparing to succeed at the different levels of football and in order to win he must push himself 110% in everything he does.

So in a nutshell, Tebow's Faith (50%) + his job at Preparing (50%) will = 100% Focus on everything he attempts to do so he will have the best chance to succeed.  We all know we aren't perfect so there will be times where Tebow will fail and he knows that but because of his 100% Focus he will be able to redirect his efforts back to the path that leads to success.  I believe that because of Tebow's mindset of excellence which includes both following Jesus and preparing for the NFL tasks at hand, he will have nothing but success on whatever team he plays for, which in this case I hope is Denver.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I encourage your comments (positive or negative) so I can see everyone's feelings on this.  Take care everyone and have a great day.

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Florida 78 - Alabama 51 - SEC Regular Season #1

SEC Regular season champs just has a sweet sweet ring to it.  It has been a little while since we have been on the top of anything.  We have made great strides in defense and overall play this year.  We developed solid chemistry between all the players.  We don't have anyone that does all the scoring but it pretty much gets dispersed between everyone which makes it more enjoyable to watch I think.  Now if we only can fix two main areas - Free Throws and Three Point Shooting - we will be golden going into the SEC and NCAA Tournaments.

Give the Gators credit, we have figured out a way to win close games despite this areas of weakness.  Now I think it will be much harder in the Tournaments to win by close margins without good Free Throw shooting because our opponents will be much tougher.  But I believe in our team and feel we can do what it takes to win.

We have solid leadership in Chandler Parsons that has gotten us over many hurdles this year.  He has been the spark that has pushed us when we have been down in games.  It's amazing when we have a bad shooting half and look just overall distracted and weak, Parsons figures out a way to pump up the team in the second half with not only his words but his actions.  He just dominates the basketball whether it be thru hitting key threes or getting offensive rebounds or finding the open Gator.  Whatever it is he does it.  And that is what a senior is supposed to do.  Lift your team when they need it the most.

Up next is Vanderbilt then the SEC Tournament.  I am afraid the Gators might look ahead to the Tournaments when playing Vandy but in the end I don't think it will stop us from winning.  Depending on how the teams ahead of us in the rankings do will determine where our seeding lies.  I think that if we go all the way and win the SEC Tournament that we can move into the 3 seed for the NCAA Tournament.

Alright time for some rest before we take on Vandy.  Even though I wasn't able to watch the game tonight, as I was chatting with everyone I still felt the excitement of the game and every shot that was taken.  Hopefully the Vandy game will be on tv so I can watch it but we will see.  Everyone have a great night.  Talk to you after the Vanderbilt game. 

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Florida 68 - Kentucky 76 = Enough Said

Yea it was a hard loss to get but Kentucky is a very tough team to beat at their house.  We played extremely well in the first half but our lack of offensive rebounds and giving them plenty of second chance points lead to Kentucky pulling away in the second half.  In this game we actually did somewhat decent in the categories of free throws (76%) and converting three pointers (42%).  We just let them score with ease on the inside and giving them open three pointers down the stretch when it mattered most.

Oh well we need to shake it off and refocus on our last two games in order to finish strong.  Alabama and Vanderbilt won't be pushovers but I feel like we can take care of them and enter the SEC Tournament as the #1 seed.  Then the real fun begins.

Enough talking about this game since it was tough enough for those who watched it as it was.  I will talk to you guys later.  Have a great day!
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Sorry for the break, lets get caught up

Well lets start with Basketball since it's that season now and then finish with Football.


I just finished watching and chatting on the game against Georgia.  That was a very tight game as it was expected to be.  We started off slow and sloppy but after halftime our defense increased and our shots started going in.  It was a key game that both teams needed to win.  Georgia need this game to boister their NCAA Tourney resume and stay behind Vandy in the SEC East standings.  And we needed this win for two reasons.  The main reason is to stay equal to Alabama for overall SEC leader going into the SEC Tournament.  And the second reason is to keep our NCAA Tournament seeding high. 

Right now we are predicted to be the 4th seed if it started today but I have a feeling if we run the last 3 games (Kentucky, Alabama and Vanderbilt) we should get a #3 possibly depending on how the teams ahead of us does a #2 especially if we win the SEC Tournament.  But right now we need to focus on the SEC Tournament and getting that ring on our finger so we know what success feels like.

Keep an eye on the message boards on the Gators Basketball page because I posted something regarding whether we will run the last 5 games or not and why.  It is very interesting I think.  And feel free to reply with your comments. 

Alrighty I think that's it for now on an current update on the basketball scene.  I know I haven't wrote anything in a while and I apologize for that but it has been a crazy bit working with my new store at where we are selling sports cards at 15% or more savings based on current Beckett value.  So if you have an interest in sports cards be sure to check us out.  If you need a particular card or have a question send me an email at and I'll do my best to reply quickly.


Well the football scene changed big time as most of you know with the addition of many new coaches and the resignation of Urban Meyer.  But I feel Will Muschamp and his staff including the well known Charlie Weis as the OC will do quite well.  Muschamp has done a great job already on recruiting.  Especially bringing in the very talented QB Jeff Driskel.  From what I have watched and read he apparently has all the tools needed to succeed in the kind of "pro-style" offense we will be running under Coach Weis.  However don't forget about good ol John Brantley.  A lot of talking heads are predicting he will have a breakout year. 

Also committed to UF is star RB De'ante Saunders.  Which I feel is huge because in order for this new pro-style offense to work we will have to have a good run game in order to use the play-action well.

We also picked up another RB for 2012 by the name of Matt Jones.  This guy is built to run the ball.  So it will be fun to watch him compete with Saunders to see who will be our star RB.  Maybe they will excel like the freshman RB that the Ol' Ball Coach has at South Carolina from last year (he's a sophmore now).

Another key 2012 pickup was LB Jeremi Powell.  This kid has great speed.  He may not be the biggest LB around but he is quick to get to the ball and can sneak infront of receivers to pick off the ball.  This recruit is a great pickup for Coach Muschamp. 

Overall I am excited for the next few years based on our new talent coming in.  If we can control the arrests that these guys are getting themselves into, we will be golden.  Our main competition over the next few years looks to be Florida State (based on their recruiting class), South Carolina, Alabama (as usual) and LSU.  These teams had some great recruiting this year so we need to watch ourselves when we play these guys. 

This year our schedule is mixed on strength.  We have some tough games at home thankfully to include Alabama (October 1st) and Florida State (November 26th) but we have LSU (Octover 8th), Auburn (Octover 15th) and South Carolina (November 12th).  If you noticed we have three straight games against Alabama, LSU and Auburn.  That is a brutal three game stretch.  I sure hope we can get back to the SEC Title game this year. 

Alrighty Gator Fans that is the update I have for you all tonight.  I'll update this again after the Kentucky game either Thursday Night or Friday.  Have a great few days everyone.

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