Posted on: March 1, 2011 9:09 pm

Florida 78 - Alabama 51 - SEC Regular Season #1

SEC Regular season champs just has a sweet sweet ring to it.  It has been a little while since we have been on the top of anything.  We have made great strides in defense and overall play this year.  We developed solid chemistry between all the players.  We don't have anyone that does all the scoring but it pretty much gets dispersed between everyone which makes it more enjoyable to watch I think.  Now if we only can fix two main areas - Free Throws and Three Point Shooting - we will be golden going into the SEC and NCAA Tournaments.

Give the Gators credit, we have figured out a way to win close games despite this areas of weakness.  Now I think it will be much harder in the Tournaments to win by close margins without good Free Throw shooting because our opponents will be much tougher.  But I believe in our team and feel we can do what it takes to win.

We have solid leadership in Chandler Parsons that has gotten us over many hurdles this year.  He has been the spark that has pushed us when we have been down in games.  It's amazing when we have a bad shooting half and look just overall distracted and weak, Parsons figures out a way to pump up the team in the second half with not only his words but his actions.  He just dominates the basketball whether it be thru hitting key threes or getting offensive rebounds or finding the open Gator.  Whatever it is he does it.  And that is what a senior is supposed to do.  Lift your team when they need it the most.

Up next is Vanderbilt then the SEC Tournament.  I am afraid the Gators might look ahead to the Tournaments when playing Vandy but in the end I don't think it will stop us from winning.  Depending on how the teams ahead of us in the rankings do will determine where our seeding lies.  I think that if we go all the way and win the SEC Tournament that we can move into the 3 seed for the NCAA Tournament.

Alright time for some rest before we take on Vandy.  Even though I wasn't able to watch the game tonight, as I was chatting with everyone I still felt the excitement of the game and every shot that was taken.  Hopefully the Vandy game will be on tv so I can watch it but we will see.  Everyone have a great night.  Talk to you after the Vanderbilt game. 

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