Posted on: February 24, 2011 11:52 pm

Sorry for the break, lets get caught up

Well lets start with Basketball since it's that season now and then finish with Football.


I just finished watching and chatting on the game against Georgia.  That was a very tight game as it was expected to be.  We started off slow and sloppy but after halftime our defense increased and our shots started going in.  It was a key game that both teams needed to win.  Georgia need this game to boister their NCAA Tourney resume and stay behind Vandy in the SEC East standings.  And we needed this win for two reasons.  The main reason is to stay equal to Alabama for overall SEC leader going into the SEC Tournament.  And the second reason is to keep our NCAA Tournament seeding high. 

Right now we are predicted to be the 4th seed if it started today but I have a feeling if we run the last 3 games (Kentucky, Alabama and Vanderbilt) we should get a #3 possibly depending on how the teams ahead of us does a #2 especially if we win the SEC Tournament.  But right now we need to focus on the SEC Tournament and getting that ring on our finger so we know what success feels like.

Keep an eye on the message boards on the Gators Basketball page because I posted something regarding whether we will run the last 5 games or not and why.  It is very interesting I think.  And feel free to reply with your comments. 

Alrighty I think that's it for now on an current update on the basketball scene.  I know I haven't wrote anything in a while and I apologize for that but it has been a crazy bit working with my new store at www.gwp.me where we are selling sports cards at 15% or more savings based on current Beckett value.  So if you have an interest in sports cards be sure to check us out.  If you need a particular card or have a question send me an email at chad@gwp.me and I'll do my best to reply quickly.


Well the football scene changed big time as most of you know with the addition of many new coaches and the resignation of Urban Meyer.  But I feel Will Muschamp and his staff including the well known Charlie Weis as the OC will do quite well.  Muschamp has done a great job already on recruiting.  Especially bringing in the very talented QB Jeff Driskel.  From what I have watched and read he apparently has all the tools needed to succeed in the kind of "pro-style" offense we will be running under Coach Weis.  However don't forget about good ol John Brantley.  A lot of talking heads are predicting he will have a breakout year. 

Also committed to UF is star RB De'ante Saunders.  Which I feel is huge because in order for this new pro-style offense to work we will have to have a good run game in order to use the play-action well.

We also picked up another RB for 2012 by the name of Matt Jones.  This guy is built to run the ball.  So it will be fun to watch him compete with Saunders to see who will be our star RB.  Maybe they will excel like the freshman RB that the Ol' Ball Coach has at South Carolina from last year (he's a sophmore now).

Another key 2012 pickup was LB Jeremi Powell.  This kid has great speed.  He may not be the biggest LB around but he is quick to get to the ball and can sneak infront of receivers to pick off the ball.  This recruit is a great pickup for Coach Muschamp. 

Overall I am excited for the next few years based on our new talent coming in.  If we can control the arrests that these guys are getting themselves into, we will be golden.  Our main competition over the next few years looks to be Florida State (based on their recruiting class), South Carolina, Alabama (as usual) and LSU.  These teams had some great recruiting this year so we need to watch ourselves when we play these guys. 

This year our schedule is mixed on strength.  We have some tough games at home thankfully to include Alabama (October 1st) and Florida State (November 26th) but we have LSU (Octover 8th), Auburn (Octover 15th) and South Carolina (November 12th).  If you noticed we have three straight games against Alabama, LSU and Auburn.  That is a brutal three game stretch.  I sure hope we can get back to the SEC Title game this year. 

Alrighty Gator Fans that is the update I have for you all tonight.  I'll update this again after the Kentucky game either Thursday Night or Friday.  Have a great few days everyone.

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